Abasoga nabo baaweereza entungo ensekule eri Kattikiro Apollo Kaggwa agende e Bungereza okuloopa Gavana Sir Frederick Crowford olwokumuwu


Ekyakabi olwatuuka e Nairobi entungo ne bagibba. Era nalwala nanyo. Eyo gye yafiira nga 14/02/1927. Yaleetebwa n'aziikibwa e Mannyangwa nga 21/02/1927. Omuyimbi kwekuyimba bwati:


Okumanya ng'Abakyuku

yu babbi, Kawalya baamubbako akatwalo k'entungo, Ab'eBusoga baamuweereza nsekule, Ate Kawalya yali musiru bambi, Anti entungo yagikubamu ejjiiko,

Yalaama nti we balinziika balimangawo entungo, Abaana gye banaalyanga, Nga bazze okulima NNUMETE




of Uganda warned to accept to reform electoral NR

Movement laws  or this activist group will occupy Parliament House:

By Stephen Kafeero


Posted  Wednesday, February 18  2015 
The Electoral and constitutional reform activists have warned they will occupy Parliament if by the end of March 2015, MPs and government continue to ignore the Citizen’s Compact. 

The compact contains a set of reforms aimed at ensuring a credible election in 2016.

Mr Godber Tumushabe, the head of the consultation secretariat of the Citizens Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, said the failure by MPs to take the reforms process seriously will compel them to move on the House. 

“We have looked at the potential triggers because we are not anarchists. MPs have to invite us by their actions. We must also create a credible threat for these MPs and the President to know that if we are ignored, something big will happen,” Mr Tumushabe said on Monday.

According to their plan, the activists’ campaign will be triggered by MPs if they ignore the issues contained in the compact; if Parliament and the Executive delay in tabling and discussing the reforms and if Parliament reduces the debate on reforms to token issues.

However, Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda on Monday told Daily Monitor that there should be no cause for worry because government is at the forefront of pushing for reforms.

“Government is spearheading the reforms process. We shall come out with a comprehensive position and that is why government has not commented on specific reforms because we are consulting the various stakeholders.”

Key reforms proposed

• President’s tenure should be restored to two five-year terms.

• Size of Parliament should be reduced in line with modest resources of the State.

• New independent and impartial electoral commission must be established. 

• New verifiable register of all voters, which should include eligible Ugandans in the diaspora, must be compiled.

• Voting for LC3, LC5, Parliament and President should be conducted on one day.

• Military should have no involvement whatsoever in the electoral process.

• President should relinquish command of the armed forces to the Joint Chiefs, and must not serve as chairman of UDPF High Command during elections.

• Workers should be removed from special interest group representation since issues of workers can be represented by all MPs.

• Army representatives should be removed from Parliament.

• The National Institute for Political Education at Kyankwanzi should be abolished and replaced by a National Institute for Administration under an independent Board of Directors. 

• Cabinet ministers should not be MPs.

• The office of the Resident District Commissioner should be abolished.


A Democratic of a Political Party Mr Mbidde has ordered the closure of DP offices:

Masaka District Democratic Party (DP) Chairperson Fred Mukasa Mbidde.

File photo

By Issa Aliga

Posted  Tuesday, May 5  2015  

Masaka District Democratic Party (DP) Chairperson Fred Mukasa Mbidde has ordered for the indefinite closure of party offices following growing disagreements in the party.

This follows Monday commotion at the office after nullification of Kimaanya/Kyabakuza Division grassroots election results over irregularities.

A section of party members led by Brenda Nambirige, Nalubyayi Zahara and Sarah Namyalo among others filed a petition challenging the election results for Kimaanya/Kyabakuza division citing irregularities in the polls.

However, one of the petitioners Nalubyayi after sensing that the petition could lead to quashing of the results, decided to pull out causing commotion between the members supporting her move and those against it.

Mr Mbidde asked police to close down the offices until members are calm adding that they will be opened up under new rules and regulations.

The development comes barely a day after a brawl ensued between DP leaders in Masaka District on how to resolve pending petitions in the just concluded party grassroots election.

The fight started when Masaka DP chairman Fred Mukasa Mbidde stormed a tribunal meeting arguing it was illegally constituted.

Mr Mbidde, who is also the DP legal adviser, claimed he had powers of attorney of Mr Layrus Mayanja, who had been appointed to chair the panel hearing the petitions. Mr Mayanja was reported to be sick.

This did not go well with some members led by Mr Dick Lukyamuzi, the DP chairman for Bukoto East Constituency, who turned a deaf ear to Mr Mbidde’s claims.

Mr Mbidde, who is also the East African Legislative Assembly legislator, is reported to have been kicked out of the meeting venue prompting him to dash to his vehicle from where he returned with an object which some members claimed was a knife and chased his pursuers.

Mr Lukyamuzi filed a case against Mr Mbidde at Masaka Central Police Station. The southern region police spokesperson, Mr Noah Sserunjoji, confirmed the report.

“Police have received a complaint from Mr Dick Lukyamuzi accusing Mr Mukasa Mbidde of threatening violence and we are investing the matter,” Mr Sserunjoji said. Mr Mbidde declined to comment on the incident.

Factions developed within the DP leadership in Masaka following the April 30 grassroots polls after it emerged that a group that broke ranks with the party in 2010 to form the Suubi pressure group had won a landslide.


Local election Observers have warned that the high handedness of Uganda Police and other security agencies against opposition politicians and the public could spark off election violence.

Yesterday police arrested more than 10 Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) officials including the presidential candidate Kizza Besigye, party chairman Wasswa Birigwa, party president Gen Mugisha Muntu, Acting chairperson Joyce Ssebugwawo, FDC women league leader Ingrid Turinawe among others together with other party flag bearers in different electoral positions.

Following the arrest of the FDC politicians, demonstrations erupted in different places around the city center including; Kiseka Market, Najanankumbi, Nateete, Wandegeya and Kawempe. Police and Military Police responded to the demonstrations by firing teargas and live ammunition to disperse the protestors. Media footage showed police brutality arrest people, directly spraying some with teargas.

Crispy Kaheru, the Executive Director Citizens' Coalition for Electoral Democracy Uganda (CCEDU) says during this critical time when the electoral emotions are high, police ought to restrain from being brutal and abusing the human rights of Ugandans as it may fuel electoral violence.

"I think they raise a lot more anxiety and potentially this is the time we should be seeing security agencies, police specifically taking more restrained measures in handling such situations not arrests. At this time you want to tamper the anxieties of people not to flare them. And for me the temptation is, such arrests could end up flaring up, could end up inciting the public which could act in irrational ways. We don’t want to see that", Kaheru said.

The African Police showing off its true colours on the African continent.

Police has been criticized locally and internationally for brutality and abuse of human rights in past by reports from Amnesty International, Uganda Human Rights Commission and other critical bodies.

Dr Martin Mwondha, the National Coordinator Citizens Election Observers Network-Uganda (CEON-U) says, the police despite its past record was expected to help achieve a free, fair and peaceful election which they have failed.

"Police intervention in blocking the movements of any citizen or any candidate is perceived as a big infringement on the rights of people. And that is what not we expect in an electoral process that is free and fair", Mwondha said.

However the deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye says, they have practiced restraint from arresting people despite being pushed to the limits. Police has maintained that they have not arrested any politician during this election period but rather 'inconvenienced' the illegal activities of the politicians. Media reports and footage, however say otherwise.

"Those who are trying to announce themselves winners of the election at Najjanankumbi were inconvenienced and many of them were taken to their home aboard to ensure that they don’t continue with the press briefing that they were planning to do where they would announce themselves. But we also hope that they have learnt that you can not announce yourself an election winner when people are still voting.

And anyway there is only one instituion that is mandated to announce results - that is the Electoral Commission. When we see the assemblance of people burning tyres definitely we [would] arrest them but at  the moment, No, we have not arrested anybody who was involved in burning tyres and also those who are attempting to burn the [police] vehicle but we hope they don’t do it", Namaye said.

Mengo cultural government or BLB do not print out land titles in the country of Buganda. It is the Uganda Central Government that does so:

The known map of the territory of the Ganda Kingdom as at 1900 on the Continent of Africa.

August 1, 2018

Written by Joseph Kimbowa

Mr Joseph Kimbowa



recently met a top editor at one of Uganda’s leading newspapers who shocked me by their ignorance about land management.

When I told this individual that I work with Buganda Land Board, they immediately asked me whether Buganda’s titles were genuine.

I thought they were joking. But they insisted, backing up their skepticism with the words of a certain radio commentator who has consistently told people that Mengo, the seat of Buganda kingdom, prints fake titles.

Concerned, I asked them to explain what they meant by ‘fake titles’.

“People say Buganda Land Board has a printer of titles but because of the volatile relationship between Mengo and central government, time may come and government cancels/disregards all Mengo titles,” was the answer I got.

Then it dawned on me that if a person supposed to be the gatekeeper of information to the public is that ignorant about a matter so straightforward, then we have a lot of work on our hands.

A similar query had been raised during the Land Awareness Week in Mubende where Buganda Land Board (BLB) partnered the ministry of Lands and ActionAid to teach people about land rights and responsibilities.

Residents there also wondered whether Mengo’s titles can be trusted. Luckily, the ministry’s spokesperson answered this query by assuring everyone that all land titles issued out by BLB are printed by government.

So, in the same vein, I told this editor that first, Buganda Land Board, or the Mengo government for that matter, does not print land titles. All land titles are approved and printed by government.

I told them that the only role of BLB, as administrators of Kabaka’s land, is to facilitate the process of acquiring a land title for any individual/s who applies for lease titles on kingdom land.

I told this person that just like other private individuals, real estate dealers or institutional landlords such as the Catholic or Protestant churches, Buganda has land on which any person can apply for a title.

The only difference is that Buganda land is registered in the names of ‘The Kabaka of Buganda’ and someone can only get lease titles of, say, 49 or 75 or 99 years. But these leases, unlike others, have an automatic renewal clause on expiry, meaning that no one can apply for your lease when it nears expiry.

Going back to ‘fake’ titles, I told the editor that Kabaka’s land comprises all land that was returned in 1993 under the Traditional Rulers (Restitution of Assets and Properties) Act.

Many people refer to this land as the 350 square miles of Kabaka. Then there is also land that was returned in the subsequent memorandum of understanding between the Kabaka of Buganda and President Museveni in 2013.

This entire land is titled and it is on these titles that some kibanja holders apply for leases through Buganda Land Board.

I told the editor that when BLB receives lease applications, they are taken through various hands of professionals, including surveyors, valuers, physical planners and lawyers.

When these are satisfied with the conditions of the individual’s documentation and survey results, their file is then taken to the respective local government authorities such as KCCA or district land offices which then start on the process of issuing a land title for that individual.

Just like any other property dealers, BLB is monitored and supervised by the respective land administration authorities. So, I assured the editor that all this talk about Mengo’s land titles is diversionary and should be treated as such.

I had managed to convince this editor but saw it prudent to share the same with the wider public. The mandate of printing land titles lies with government, and remains so.

Property dealers or consultants sell plots of land and accompany them with land titles from government. It is in this same style that Buganda Land Board operates on kingdom land – nothing less!

The author works with Buganda Land Board.


Of course the BLB is a private enterprise (estate agent) that has no mandate from the State of Buganda to run the final affairs of land ownership and distribution. It is the people of Buganda and their King who own the territory of Buganda. Uganda Central Government has no African indigenous lands, language, culture of any sort over the continent of Africa. It tries to own the lot at its own peril.






Ebyama Mayanja Nkangi bye yayogedde nga tannafa bizuuse

Bya Semei Wessaali


Added 9th March 2017


EKYAMA ekimaze emyaka 53 kizuuse! Eyali Katikkiro wa Buganda, Joash Mayanja Nkangi bwe yabadde tannafa yabuulidde mukwano gwe ekifo eky’ekusifu gye yakwekwa Ddamula okumuwonya Obote okugibba ng’amaze okuwera Obwakabaka.



Kabaka nga akute ddamula.



Ddamula gwe muggo Kabaka gw’akwasa Katikkiro okumulamulirako Obuganda.

Obote bwe yamala okulumba Obwakabaka ne Kabaka Muteesa 11 adduse n’atandika okunoonya omuggo guno (Ddamula) agubbe.

Baamugamba nti bwe guba gukyaliwo, Obwakabaka ajja kuba asannyalazza busannyalaze nga bujja kuba bukyaliwo anti ne Kabaka yali amulemye okumuttira mu Lubiri.

Yatandika ekiwendo ky’okunoonya Ddamula n’eyali amukwese Nkangi wabula yakooterakootera mu ga lumonde.

Abadde mukwano gwa Nkangi Muwonge C.W. Magembe agamba nti nga Nkangi tannafa, yamuyise n’amusaba abuulire Obuganda ekyama kino ky’asirikidde emyaka 54!

Kwe kugamba, giri 29 emyakagye yatereka era Ddamula okuva mu 1963 gattako ne gino 24 okuva mu 1993 lwe yamuzzaayo n’akwasibwa Mulwanyammuli Semwogerere.


Muwonge Magembe, munoonyereza era muwandiisi wa byafaayo yadde nga mukugu mu byanfuna n’okubala ebitabo abadde ku lusegere ne Nkangi era abadde ategeka okumuwandiikira kitabo.

Annyonnyola bw’ati, “Omwaka oguwedde nga Nkangi atandise okunafuwa, yampita mu ofiisi ye esangibwa mu kibangirizi kya bannamakolero e Nakawa ku luguudo lwa Port Bell n’aηηamba nti, Muwonge njagala okwate ekitabo n’ekkalaamu owandiike ebintu bino sikulwa nga nfa nabyo ensi n’etabimanya.

Mu ofiisi twatuula okuva ku ssaawa 7. 00 ez’emisana okutuuka 1. 00 ey’akawungeezi era yanfalaasira nti by’ahhamba tabibuulirangako muntu mulala yenna era abihhamba kuba akizudde nti nnettanidde okunoonyereza n’okuwandiika ebyafaayo.

Wano we yambuulirira ekyama ekimaze emyaka 53 nga takibuulirangako muntu mulala. Ky’ekifo we yakweka Ddamula n’engeri gye yagikwekayo. Bwe yalaba empalana Obote gye yalina ku Kabaka n’asalawo okuyiiya ekifo w’anaakweka Ddamula.

Okukakasa nti enkolagana tekyali nnungi, eyali minisita wa Obote ku nsonga z’amateeka, Grace Ibingira ne William Kalema baamukyalira ne bamutegeeza nga Obote bw’atali musannyufu ku ngeri Abaganda gye baali baanirizaamu Kabaka n’emizira ng’ate ye eyali Katikkiro yali tafuna mizira gye gimu.

Baamuwa n’ekyokulabirako ky’omupiira ogwali mu kisaawe e Nakivubo nga Kabaka bwe yatuuka abantu bamwaniriza n’enduulu ey’oluleekereeke wabula ng’ate ye Obote bwe yatuuka engalo ze baamukubira zaali tezimmuka.

Kino kyaluma Obote ate bwe yabuulirako munne Ibingira eyali mukwano gwa Kabaka Muteesa yamwanuka nti, ‘tofaayo oba Abaganda tebakwaniriza mu kitiibwa, bw’onaagenda ewamme Akokolo, Abalango banaakukubira enduulu z’ayagala nga bakwaniriza.


Bino byaleetera Nkangi okumanya nti Obote afunye “akasajja ku mutima” – ffitina era ekkonda Obote lye yalina ku Buganda lyajjula ne lufuuka ng’ekikoomi ekimaze ebbanga nga kinyooka.

Ddamula yagikweka wa?

Nkangi yategeeza Muwonge nti, olukiiko lwa Buganda bwe lwatuula nga May 22 1966, ng’Amasaza ga Buganda gazaaye, lwasalawo okugoba Gavumenti ya Obote okuva ku ttaka lya Buganda ekiteeso ekyawa Obote omwagaanya n’ekyekwaso okulumba Obwakabaka. Ku lunaku olwo, Nkangi Ddamula yagirina mu ofiisi ye.


Omubaka George Kaggwa (Kooki) bw’amala okuleeta ekiteeso ekigoba Gavumenti ya Obote ku ttaka lya Buganda, Katikkiro Nkangi y’aggya n’akuba Sipiika w’Olukiiko Eliphaz Kalule n’omumyuka we Shiekh Islam Kulumba akaama.

Yabasaba olukiiko luyimiriremu ayogereko n’omubaka eyaleese ekiteeso. Yayambuka mu ofiisi n’awabula Kaggwa nti ekiteeso kye kya bulabe era kuba kuzannyira mu ngalo za Obote kwe kumusaba ekiteeso bakirongooseemu bagambe nti, singa Obote tazzaawo Konsitityusoni gye yali amenye, Buganda yali egenda kumuloopa. Kaggwa yakikkiriza olukiiko ne luddamu.

Sipiika Kalule yaddamu okubuuza Kaggwa oba alina ky’akyusa mu kiteeso ssaako n’okwanjula ekiteeso ekirala Kaggwa n’agamba nti akyalemedde ku kiteeso ekyasoose.

Binaisa abiyingiramu

Wakati mu kusaakaanya olwa Kaggwa okulemera ku kiteeso, ababaka okuli James Lutaaya Kaganda (Mukwenda), Lameck Sebannaakitta (Kimbugwe) ne Micheal Matovu Sebbwaage(Pookino) baakulemberamu okuwagira Kaggwa n’okulumba Nkangi nga bamulanga okulya mu Buganda olukwe n’okwekkiriranya.

Bino byali bigenda mu maaso nga waliwo abibuulira eyali Ssaabawolereza wa Gavumenti ya Obote, Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa QC.

Kabaka ng’akwasa eyali Katikkiro J.B Walusimbi Ddamula.

Ono yawandiikira Obote akapapula okuli amannya g’Abamasaza abasatu n’amutegeeza nti bano be babadde bakolera effujjo mu lukiiko.

Amangu ddala bonsatule baakwatibwa.

Akubira mukulu we essimu

Bw’amala okulaba effujjo lye baamukolako ne bye baamwogerera mu lukiiko, yeetoloolamu n’akubira mukulu we essimu, Grace Lumala Kalemba n’amugamba ajje mangu e Bulange.

Olwatuuka n’amukwasa Ddamula n’amulagira alinnye emmotoka agitwalire mwannyina Yozefina Balintisa Nassaka agitereke.

Olw’okuba akavuyo kaali mu kisenge kya Lukiiko, tewali yafaayo ku Kalemba ng’afulumya Ddamula era Nkangi n’akomawo olukiiko ne lugenda mu maaso ng’abakiise beekalakaasa n’okwogera ebisongovu nga tewali amannyi nti Ddamula yali agifulumizza.

Baali ku mukolo gw’okukungubagira Amasiro g’e Kasubi agaayokebwa

Ddamula etuuka e Masaka

Nkangi agamba nti olugendo olutuusa Ddamula terwalimu kizibu kyonna era yatuukira mu maka ga mwannyina Nassaka ku kyalo Kalama mu muluka gw’e Kasambya e Kyamuliibwa mu disitulikiti y’e Kalungu.

Nassaka eyatereka Ddamula yafa emyaka 12 egiyise. Ng’oggyeeko okuba nga mwanyina Nasakka gwe yali yeesiga, yali n’ensonga endala ekwata ku buwangwa eyamukozesa ekyo.

Ensonga yali nti Nassaka yali mukyala atalina musajja noolwekyo Ddamula erina okukuumibwa mu nnyumba omutabeera bikolwa bya kwegatta mu mukwano.

Ekyokubiri, mwannyina Nassaka yali mukazi wa mmizi nga tayinza kubaako muntu yenna gw’ayinza kubuulira kyama ekyo.

Nkangi ne Bagaya ow’e Toro mu kusaba okumu e Namirembe.


Obote ayigga Ddamula

Nga amaze okumatira nti Ddamula eri mu mikono mituufu, yadduka n’agenda mu maka g’Omutaka Kabazzi e Mmengo.

Eno gye yasula ekiro kya May 24. Yavaayo n’agenda e Kawempe n’awulira ku Leediyo nga Obote alangirira ekiwendo ky’okukwata Nkangi buli wonna w’alabiddwaako era n’alabula omuntu yenna amukwese nti w’amusangira ajja ku mubendeggera.

Nkangi teyalinda binaddirira n’atolokera ku loole ya seminti ng’abikkiddwaako ettundubaali okutuuka e Busia n’agenda e Kenya ng’eno gye yava okugenda e Bungereza.

Muwonge abadde amanyiganye ne Nkangi ng’abuzaayo wiiki ssatu afe, yamusaba amunoonyeze eddwaaliro e Bungereza gye basobola okumujjanjabira bw’ekibumba


                              Map ya Buganda - Uganda, Amasaza 20



 Ssabasajja Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, Empologoma ya Buganda

                          ngali ne Nabagereka wa Buganda,

                          Ow'ekitiibwa Sylivia Luswata Nagginda: Wangaala Ssabasajja

                           olamule Obuganda bwonna! Nabagereka agerekere Obuganda.







ESAZA                    OMWAMI WAALYO                 EMBUGA


Kyaddondo          Kaggo                             Kasangati(Mbuya)


Ssingo                 Mukwenda                      Mityana


Bulemezi              Kkangaawo                    Bbowa, Buzinde


Kyaggwe              Ssekiboobo                    Mukono Mu Ggulu


Busiro                  Ssebwana                       (Ssentema)



 Mawokota             Kayima                         Butoolo


Ggomba               Kitunzi                            Mpenja, Kanoni


Buddu                  Ppookino                        Masaka


Busujju                 Kasujju                           Mwera


Butambala            Katambala                     Kabasanda


Buweekula            Luweekula                    Kaweeri


Kkooki                  Kamuswaga                   akaayi



Buvuma               Mbuubi                             Maggyo


Ssese                  Kweba                              Buggala


Buluuli                  Kimbugwe                       Nakasongola


Bugerere              Mugerere                          Ntenjeru


Mawogola             Muteesa                          Ssembabule


Kabula                  Lumaama                        Kabula


Buyaga                 Kyambalango                  Kibaale


Bugangazzi           Kiyimba                           Kakumiro




It is indeed paramount that with all these large African territory counties under the ownership of the State of Buganda,  the Buganda state needs to consolidate its independence of 08/10/1962 and break away from Uganda that has no territory of its own at all.






January 13, 2017


Cash-strapped Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) has resorted to sweet-talking landlords into giving away their land before compensation to enable it expand some roads in the city.

The owners will be cleared later when the money for compensation is availed by government. According to Justus Akankwasa, the acting director for engineering and technical services in the authority, KCCA opted for dialogue with landowners because there is no compensation money, yet outstanding projects need to be completed as scheduled. 

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Akankwasa revealed that the strategy had, to some degree, succeeded and that they had managed to secure land from residents of Kulambiro, in Nakawa division, and those along John Babiiha avenue (former Acacia avenue).

He noted that under the Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project-Two (KIIDP-2) agreement, government is mandated to provide money ($8.7 million) to compensate landowners, which it has not fully done.

“All compensation for property in the project [KIIDP2] is financed by the government of Uganda but funds are not enough, and that delays the commencement of the project,” Akankwasa explained.

He added that they cannot force landowners to give away their land but, rather, persuade them to appreciate the benefits of upgrading their roads. Akankwasa revealed that since the residents of Kulambiro had made the securing of the right of way easy, the KCCA technical team would undertake the procurement exercise immediately.

Road works in Kampala


With over eight roads and six channels to build under KIIDP2, the authority is faced with the challenge of securing compensation funds. For instance, works on Makerere Hill and Bakuli-Kasubi roads have been moving at a snail’s pace because property owners have not been cleared. Akankwasa added that also to blame are the multiple land title owners who all set different terms and make it harder to be compensated.

Despite the numerous challenges faced in implementing KIIDP2, Akankwasa observed that KCCA had managed to complete most works on some of the vital projects. He noted that construction works on all the seven road junctions shortlisted under the program were on track and would be completed soon. Some of the junctions under construction are on Kabira road, Kira road, Bwaise’s Mambule road, and Bakuli-Nakulabye-Kasubi road, among others.

“We have completed about 96 per cent of the works at Fairway junction. This includes all road construction and road marking, installation of signs and traffic control signals,” he said.

KIIDP-Two is funded by the World Bank and is aimed at improving both the road and drainage systems in all the five divisions of Kampala. The bank provided $175 million for the project that is set to end in December 2019.

Under the project, a number of channels will be upgraded to conform with the recently-approved Kampala Drainage Masterplan. KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi admitted recently that budget cuts had interfered with their plans to undertake several developments in the city, including installation of streetlights, new roads and improvement of the drainage system.

She said the government budget cuts had left KCCA with no other choice but to prioritise healthcare. Unlike the 2015/2016 financial year where KCCA’s budget stood at Shs 560bn, government allocated Shs 360bn to the authority this financial year.

Abafuzi be Buganda mu Mukono ne Kira e Kampala, bawakanira ensalo zebafugiramu Obuganda:

 Apr 22, 2015


Bya Henry Nsubuga

Disitulikiti y’e Mukono eri mu kugugulana n’abakulembeze ba Kira Town Council olw’ekitundu ku kibangirizi ky’amakolero e Namanve.

Kigambibwa nti aba Kira baalagira basajja baabwe ne basala ebipande ebyasimbibwa ab’e Mukono ku nsalo yaabwe ne Kira e Namanve ku luguudo oluva e Kampala okugenda e Jinja nga tebamaze kubategeeza (ab’e Mukono) ekintu kye bawakanya.

Abakulembeze b’e Mukono baaloopye Kira ekulemberwa ssentebe Mamerito Mugerwa ew’omu-wandiisi ow’enkalakkalira mu minisitule ya Gavumenti ez’ebitundu, Patrick Mutabwire ne bamusaba ayingire mu nsonga zino akome ku ba Kira olw’ebikolwa eby’obujoozi bye beenyigiramu ebibasoomooza.

Ssentebe wa Mukono, Francis Lukooya Mukoome ng’ali n’omumyuka w’akulira abakozi ba gavumenti mu disitulikiti y’e Mukono, Robert Kizito Mugerwa baalambudde ekitundu kino ne balaga ewaali ebipande byabwe ebyakuulibwayo ab’e Kira.

Ekipande ekiramba awayita disitulikiti y’e Mukono kigambibwa nti kyasangiddwa ku kanso z’e Kira. Meeya w’e Kira, Mamerito Mugerwa bwe yakubiddwa essimu yategeezezza nti ensonga zino tezeetaaga mawulire.